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Company presentation

CISC ( is an international oriented and highly awarded company that provides competitive and innovative products and technology for design and verification of heterogeneous networked embedded microelectronic systems.

CISC delivers worldwide both products and engineering services to our customers being represented in the Semiconductor, Automotive, Wireless Communication and RFID industry. CISC was founded in 1999 and is 100% privately owned SME with currently a staff of 40 people worlswide. The headquarters office is based in Klagenfurt, Austria, since 2007 a R&D office in Graz, Austria, is in place. In 2012 CISC founded its 100% subsidiary CISC Semiconductor Corp. in Mountain View (CA), USA for sales and product support of US based customers.

Field of organisation / main activities of the company

CISC is an internationally recognized player in the fields of embedded systems, development and RF communication technologies with a special focus on RFID/NFC including security aspects and standardization.

CISC is currently working on new IoT solutions in areas such as Smart Mobility, Smart Production and Smart City, where security and especially data protection play a key role for future user acceptance. The products developed by CISC and offered on the global market have in some cases achieved global market leadership, and the outlook is positive.

Company vision and / or goals

CISC Semiconductor strives to offer its employees a surrounding that combines both, excellent quality of life and prospects to grow within an innovative company operating on an international scale. An optimum environment will stimulate the employees’ creativity and passion and generate maximum technical output.

Thanks to CISC’s ability to fully exploit the herewith generated potentials, its flexibility and pro-active way of adapting to new developments, the company will thrive in the long term in a dynamic and constantly growing microelectronic market. Perfectly tailored products and services to our customers’ needs, the exceeding of customer expectations and long-term relationships with our clients are reflecting one of our core values: customer-orientation.

As company, as well as individuals, we value creativity, personal excellence, team work and reliability. We encourage diversity at our workplace and we are concerned about mutual respect and tolerance in daily interaction with our multinational customers, partners and co-workers. We are committed to our customers to be one step ahead of innovation and strive for quality and excellence.

Job positions we want to fill:

Open positions are availabe under

  • Mixed Signal Engineer (f/m/d)
  • Software Design Engineer (f/m/d)
  • Cloud Services Design Engineer (f/m/d),
  • iOS Android Software Design Engineer (f/m/d)
  • Senior Embedded System Design Engineer (f/m/d)
  • Junior Embedded System Design Engineer (f/m/d)
  • HTL Lab Engineer and System Administrator (f/m/d)

We expect from new employees

OPENNESS – you value open contact with each other just as much as a regular exchange and see both as the basis for a trusting cooperation.
RELIABILITY & HELPFULLNESS – friendliness, helpfulness and reliability are the basis of your actions. You keep your promises, work conscientiously and purposefully, take responsibility and support your colleagues.
TEAMWORK – you are open-minded and open in their dealings with others. You are a team player and you enjoy working in a dedicated team where you can make a difference and grow.
CUSTOMER FOCUS – you communicate honestly and bindingly, always acting service- and customer-oriented. You have the necessary sensitivity to our customers and partners.
OUR VALUES – The satisfaction and motivation of our employees determine our success. That’s why it’s imperative that you identify with our values ​​and live them with us.
CREATIVITY – you are flexible and creative, you are in the mood for something new and, together with us, venture beyond your own horizon.

We offer to new employees

We offer working in a family-friendly, multi-language, multi-cultural and multi-national environment. CISC Semiconductor’s worldwide employment strategy is focussed on diversity, creativity and excellence fostering a cooperatively, innovation driven working style. We have been certifed in 2016 the certificate „Family Friendly Enterprise“ issued by federal Ministry of Families and Youth of the Republic of Austria as a result of our continuous internal effort providing a family friendly working environment.

We employ:

  • 38% internationals coming from 8 countries
  • 30% women
  • 92% academics

Established in 1999 CISC Semiconductor as a privately owned business, CISC is a long term, stable and recognised player for its customers and business partners. We apply a sustainable grows strategy driven by the founder and the major shareholders based on a creative, positive environment where everyone belongs to.


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